TFM&A (technology for marketing and advertising) is taking place next week and we have a speaker slot. On the 24th February between 11.30 and 12.00 Alison Guise our European General Manager will be talking with Anna Corp from Sainsbury’s in a presentation entitled: Affiliate Marketing, are you paying too much for it or are you asking too much from it?

The presentation should be really interesting. It is in the Online Marketing Theatre if you want to attend.

As well as this our sister company Mediaplex will be exhibiting at the event on stand G41 so make sure you pop by to say hello!

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Introducing Vikki Hearne

Yet another new member of staff joins us in the CJ offices in the avant-garde, recondite and trailblazing London district of Putney.  Notable residents (past and present) of Putney (according to Wikipedia) include Sir Richard Branson, Clement Atlee, Marc Bolan, Simon Le Bon and Bobby Moore. We have great pleasure in announcing a new addition to this list – Vikki Hearne, who is the new Account Manager at CJ.

Vikki has joined us in Emmanuel’s team to support him strategically and tactically with the portfolio he oversees as Account Director. Would you like to know more about Vikki? Let me start with a photo of her which looks like a happy holiday snap.

Vikki Hearne

And now let us take the time to get to know her more with a quick interview

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January Tips of the Month

Ahhh it is February already. Amongst other things, this means that I am ready to give you the monthly installment of our collated tips of the week.

“If you are a publisher working from home then start the New Year on a positive note by developing good habits. You will probably be pleased to not have to accede to the disciplines of an employer’s office, but should nevertheless get dressed for work, spend fixed hours on the computer doing your affiliate marketing, eat well, and generally run your home office in an uber-professional manner. Otherwise you may find yourself losing motivation and becoming unproductive over the medium to long term.

There are ten excellent tips on working from home here on Microsoft’s small business site.”

Tom Leadbetter

Key Account Manager

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November and December Tips of the Week

Happy New Year everybody! What better way to start the year than with November and December’s collated tips of the week?

“One of the most time consuming aspects of being a publisher is having to manually log into different affiliate network interfaces to view your statistics. There are solutions that enable you to check figures from lots of networks in one place. Most are US focused and don’t cater for all the major UK networks, but ones that do are Staagg and Affmeter. The former pulls statistics into a web or mobile interface and is free, and the later is a downloadable tool which costs $14.95 a month.”

Linda O’Connell
Head of Client Services

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Christmas Shipping Dates

We have collated a list of the final order dates for some of our merchants. We will updating this as more information comes available from merchants.

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Mo Way!

Yes Way!

Here are our unbelievably magnificent mo-vemberers. Growing facial hair has never been so valiant. I realise that this photo may cause mass hysteria amongst the ladies of affiliate marketing however in the name of (er) journalism I feel duty-bound to report this.

Hang on a minute…. Before you get to see this vision of beauty let me tell you how you can help support the boys as they raise money for prostate cancer. You can click on this link – http://uk.movember.com/donate/find-team/ and search for Value Hicks.

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Trolley Dashing

A lot of you will know that Sainsbury’s recently ran an affiliate trolley dash competition. Well last month Dipa and Eleanor from the CJ team accompanied the winner Andy Hibbert, Head of Partnerships at artemis8 to Sainsbury’s office.  Note: Dipa was the one taking the terrible photo, Eleanor was the one trying not to be in the awful photo,  Andy was the one who couldn’t care less about the photo, he had his eye firmly on the prize. 

Here is the terrible photo:

Andy from artemis8, Anna from Sainbury's & half an Eleanor from CJ

Andy- artemis8 & Anna- Sainbury's

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September and October Tips of the week

Time has flown right past me so here is a double whammy of tips of the week.


“As many of you know, the words in H1 header tags are given weighting by search engine bots and contribute towards you ranking higher for those words.

If you think huge H1 fonts will make your web pages look ugly, you can use CSS to reduce their size. An example would be:
[STYLE TYPE="text/css"]
H1 {font-family: verdana,arial; font-size: 9pt; color:#ff4500}
[/STYLE] (replace [] with <>)

Katie Harrod
Account Director


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Introducing Melanie and Andrew

As promised, I have some more new people to introduce after the charming Marta Casero a few weeks ago. Some more to come as well….

First up is Melanie Scheibner who has joined us as an Account Representative in Dipa’s team. We have stolen Melanie from our PriceRunner friends on the third floor. Secondly is Andrew Stephens who has joined as an Account Manager looking after the ValueClick/CJ short term campaigns.

So, let’s find out a little bit more about Melanie. Here she is….

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CJU US 2009 – an interview with Luke Judge

Alas I was not there at CJU this year so instead of telling you all about how sad that made me I thought it would be much more interesting to interview Luke Judge of Net Media Planet about his experiences there.

So how did you end up at CJU US?

One cold winter afternoon in early January my CJ UK Account Manager sent me news of a CJ UK competition that involved me taking a photo of the CJ UK team photo (wow – that’s a mouthful – Editor’s note, you can read all about it here) in an interesting place or situation. After racking my brains for 0.315624 seconds and generating 215.897034 results I had the smart idea of taking CJ UK to Las Vegas for the week. The next day I was off to London Heathrow and aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight. THe CJ UK team were with me at every stage, occupying the space in my inner jacket pocket between the pen, sunglasses and cuban cigar.

A few days later I had a handful of great photos with CJ UK all over Las Vegas. Thanks has to go to the brilliant support provided by photographer elect, Magnus Nilsson, for his creative input and support.

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