Introducing Linda Brieden

We have a new member of staff ! Linda joined us  to work in the account development team – she is splitting her time between the advertiser and agency teams and is generally bolstering the quota of hugely glamourous, strong, intelligent and beautiful women in the office ;-)

Linda hails from Germany – specifically she is from a place called Koblenz which is apparently near to Cologne and Frankfurt. She has been in London since the 17th of January and at CJ for a few weeks. We have been keeping her busy with our particular brand of ValueClick entertainment – she is particularly well-versed in the pubs and bars of Putney already. She said ‘CJ is a warm, welcoming team – everybody is nice and helpful. I enjoy seeing that it’s possible to work and play hard at the same time. Nice mixture of different characters’ (ahh – we like Linda :-) )

Linda has just finished her studies at the University of Trier (which is apparently a small town in West Germany, near to the border of Luxemburg – for those of you who need a geographical reference point). She studied sociology with a specialisation in marketing  so it is great to continue to broaden our already wide marketing expertise.

She is looking forward to learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and is interested in seeing the effect of the channel on the more established, traditional channels that she learnt about whilst studying. ‘It’s clearly a profitable aspect of sales and marketing strategies, very important for the future’.

We welcome Linda to the team.

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  2. Evan says:

    Congrats Linda…CJ definitely has good taste!

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