Embracing the international landscape at PerformanceIN Europe

It’s been over a week since the CJ team attended PerformanceIn Europe in Berlin and the months of preparation which went into organising everything have well and truly paid off.  CJers from Germany, France, UK, Spain and the US attended and met many new faces, as well as some old ones, from across the performance industry.

IMG_0944 - small

CJ embraced the world cup with our football themed stand and foosball table.  Granted, this was greeted with slightly less enthusiasm from the UK and Spanish team – but that was unfortunately out of our hands! We hope everyone who attended managed to have a relaxing game of table football and join in the fun.

Amongst the socialising and games there was a business aspect to the show, UK country manager Florian Gramshammer took to the stage to debate the network vs. agency vs. in house dilemma that businesses face, and CJ account manager Lauren Forbes joined Richard Lane, head of pub dev and Homebase’s digital marketing manager and guru, Jonathan Hudson, to offer insights into the omni-channel landscape.  I think everyone was enamoured with Wired editor, David Rowan’s, keynote which certainly got everyone thinking.  It’s interesting to take a step back and look at how the internet has truly changed how businesses are run and how communication has evolved.  It was a perfect end to an international show, highlighting our global society and the ever changing way individuals and businesses are communicating.

But back to the fun stuff, there does have to be a winner of the CJ cup and I’m pleased to announce that Tom Rickey from GDM has won a widescreen high def smart TV!  Huge congratulations to Tom and commiserations to everyone who entered and didn’t win.

Next up, PMI London, we’ll be there once again so we’ll hopefully see you then.

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CJ’s Day at the Races!

CJ’s Rachelle, Jack and Caroline took a few of our Key Contact out for a glorious day at the Royal Ascot! We were joined by Chris Hannay – Next Jump, Holly Williams – PriceRunner, Alex Moody – Net Media Planet, Matt Sheppard – Quidco and Fiona Gandy – 7thingsmedia.

L-R - Chris Hannay, Holly Williams, Jack Newman, Rachelle Watson-Hill, Matt Shephard, Fiona Gandy, Alex Moody and Caroline Bizon

L-R – Chris Hannay, Holly Williams, Jack Newman, Rachelle Watson-Hill, Matt Shephard, Fiona Gandy, Alex Moody and Caroline Bizon









The day was beautiful with great weather and lots of British Racing grandeur with Ascoteer’s dressed in their finest. Were located in the Grandstand area with Ladies ordained by Fascinators and Hats and Men were sharply suited and booted, surrounded by jugs of Pimms for all!

We all got involved in a bit of betting with and few of us being let down in the first race of the day in the Albany Stakes by choosing ‘Sexy Legs’ (who would have thought!?) but ‘Sunset Glow’ came 2nd helping to lift our spirits! You have to be in it to win it!

A Race in action!

A Race in action!








Caroline won a fair bit on the rather fitting choice of ‘Less Talk in Paris’ in the Coronation Stakes. After much deliberation by the Ascot Judges the lads cashed in on a win from ‘Hartnell’ in the Queen’s Vase race. The betting kept us all on our toes, with a fun filled and friendly environment with everyone screaming on for their bet to win!

Ascot Grandstand

Ascot Grandstand








For many of us it was our first time at Ascot and I’m sure I am safe in saying that it will not be our last!

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Double win for CJ at the 2014 Performance Marketing Awards

We’ve had a hugely exciting week here at CJ, spending Tuesday evening at the Performance Marketing Awards 2014.

Packed with exciting guests and fantastic food, we’re also incredibly pleased to say that when it came to the awards ceremony itself, we did extremely well!

The TUI team have been hard at work this year, and as a result took home not one, but TWO awards – ‘Best In Travel and Leisure’, and the highly coveted ‘Best Managed Affiliate Programme’.


The team won the awards as a result of a year-long campaign integrating commercial activity, gathering and utilising huge amounts of data, and an impressive understanding of consumer’s path to conversion… all of this while driving remarkably high year-on-year growth for one of our longest-standing partners.

We’d like to offer our congratulations to all other winners and nominees, and look forward to seeing you at the awards next year!


Find out more about the night and the winners here, or of course you can get in touch with us at CJ.

Thanks, and have a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend,

Commission Junction and the CJ TUI account team

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CJ Q1 Person of the Quarter

Hello Everyone,

I trust you are all well and had a good weekend.

To start the week on a positive note – I wanted to update you on the ‘CJ person of the quarter’ result for Q1. Following the request for feedback, we received some much appreciated responses. Well done to everybody that has been nominated below;

POTQ picture

..after much deliberation and admittedly slightly later than planned, we decided that Monika deserves to be the winner. The feedback above is a great reflection of the work that she puts in with all her publishers and advertisers – well done Monika! Monika has received a half day Friday and a bottle of Champagne to celebrate

Monika POTQ Q1

I will be in touch towards the end of Q2 to ask for your Q2 nominations – of which I hope to get even more feedback for the team.

Thanks to all those that responded it was really appreciated by the whole team!

Cheers and look forward to catching up with many of you tomorrow evening.


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CJ 2014 Q1 publisher survey

Hello Everyone,

At the end of March we distributed a survey looking for feedback on CJ services.  We received some great responses which has allowed us to collate insight and set benchmarks for our services moving forward; a huge thank you to all those who responded.

How many advertisers are you signed up to with Commission Junction?

Due to the mix of recipients we wanted to analyse the scope of activity that recipients run with to ensure any assumptions we made from the results were relative to those who contributed. The following graph details the number of advertisers survey recipients work with.  It shows that the majority run with over 50 of our advertisers, with almost 35% of recipients running with a maximum of 25 clients. This confirms the scope and engagement will be varied, allowing for a variety of experiences and therefore likely feedback. It is also worth noting that almost 70% of the recipients also run activity internationally.

How many advertisers CJ

What % of your programmes have earned you commission in the last 3 months?

It is also worth noting that of the recipients, 80% of are earning with at least half of their advertiser programmes (with 40% earning with over 75%). This therefore gives us a focus with regard to the remaining 20%, who are only earning with up to 25% of their programmes.

How many earned CJ

Out of 10 (10 being the highest), how would you rate the CJ platform?

The survey also highlighted the work that needs to go into communicating to publishers the various tools and resources we can offer, specifically the Deeplink Generator and the Product unit widgets.

With regard to the CJ platform itself, 70% of responses rated the platform 6 out of 10 or above, leaving 30% of the responses 5 or below. Much of the feedback centred around navigation, of which I hope resources such as the support centre can help http://cjsupport.custhelp.com/app/home, or alternatively please feel free to contact us with any specific queries you may have. With plenty of positive comments around the recent changes, the constructive feedback has been passed on to our technical and product development teams.

How would you rate platform

Out of 10, how would you rate the service you receive from CJ?

With regard to the service that we provide, it is great to see that 100% of the responses stated 6 out of 10 or above, with 40% stating 8 out of 10. Whilst these figures are great, we still find it valuable to listen to the more detailed feedback, with many respondents asking for CJ to be more visible at industry events. With this in mind we are booked in to speak at the AM days next month, together with speaker slots at the PerformanceIn Europe in July of which we’re Gold Sponsors. We will also be looking to increase our social visibility so watch this space!

How would you rate service

We also asked for further comments on any additional CJ attributes, positive or negative we wanted to know what our publishers really think of us.

Whilst we love to hear how happy you are with the service, “fantastic team of account managers who are all very responsive and helpful”, comments such as “Not as pro-active as I would like….” prove there is still work for us to do and as your affiliate network we acknowledge this.  We’ve taken this on board and have looked at making progress behind the scenes to ensure that we keep striving to succeed.

Finally, one recipient also requested that we find a way to get rid of David Moyes…. Consider it done :)

If you have any queries with regard to the above, or would like to provide any further details or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will in the coming months look to run another similar survey to make sure we continue to match your requirements.




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Egg-cellent Easter Tips for Publishers

Memories of Easter may include a copious amount of chocolate and very little else, but it is actually the longest bank holiday in the British calendar.

With changeable weather at this time of year and kids being off school, there is an abundance of families looking for fulfilment and online traffic longing for inspiration. It’s an ideal opportunity for publishers to build closer relationships with their advertisers and grow revenue from their audience.

Easter advice

Whenever there is a seasonal peak, the first thing any publisher should do is delve into past activity – look at what has worked and what has failed in the past. Look at who you have worked with, who has run initiatives and if you are not working with those advertisers anymore, who might you be able to on-board specifically for this season?

What is more, do not forget that Easter is changeable. Last year we celebrated at the end of the month, right on time for pay day. This year it is not the case. Purses might be a little tighter and you should be sympathetic to that. Do not pull your deals down straight away, make sure there is longevity to your partnerships. Work with merchants to ensure you are optimising any offers for the Easter and pay day weekends.

Also avoid the obvious pitfalls of not comparing like for like periods when analysing past performance, it would be an easy mistake to make.

A helping hand

There are an array of tools available, some more sophisticated than others. We have recently made significant upgrades to our publisher portal, which makes discovering relevant merchants much simpler for publishers.

Yet there are others which are grand in effect, but simple to construct and execute. For example; CJ offers a product widget so you can list multiple products in one widget – an Easter bundle could be an engaging seasonal concept to get your audience shopping. This is easy and quick to use so you could even change what you are promoting depending on the weather and it is not just products either - you could be promoting PictureBox for a movie marathon if it is a wet weekend or perhaps encouraging people to enjoy the sunshine at Chessington World of Adventures?

Make sure you take advantage of the tools available, but also check any promotions you have on your site are relevant to consumer interest – in our rather murky April that is probably going to be weather dependent.

Next steps

It is not just about the more tangible elements of what makes you a good publisher, there is an equally important softer side that is built around relationships. There is a multitude of advertisers with great offers.

Why not try to engage with them by securing their products as a selection of prizes on your site? It is ideal for their brand exposure, it will drive more interest in your site and generate more traffic to your advertiser’s site as well.

A treasure hunt is a timely and fun activity for users and will keep people on your site for longer, in our experience taking that extra step has been well worth the effort!

Traffic on your merchant’s pages might be looking to purchase on a corporate basis. It is a great time for gifting, so targeting a B2B audience is definitely worth remembering. It might even be a time for you to schmooze some of your key contacts with some surprise Easter hampers and chocolate gifts and make sure you’re front of mind when they dish out their best offers.

Exclusive offers

On the subject of exclusives, there are only so many to go round. If you have missed out, don’t despair. The likelihood is that generic codes or promotions are going to include words or phrases related to the theme. If someone is to see ‘Easter10’ for 10% off there is a strong likelihood that while it may not necessarily be the strongest offer available, the consumer is not going to look any further given that it is a timely and relevant promotion.

You can also support yourselves by having relevant opportunities on site, a specific themed newsletter, or seasonal opportunities, where you traffic can gravitate towards to give merchants a reason to work more closely with you. Whether that’s on a product level, a promotion specific to one line of products or just generically for the merchant.

Keep it simple and think of your audience and the journey they may make around the site. If you’ve got a specific Easter deals section make sure it can be navigated to from the homepage and lists everything clearly.

The main thing to remember is it’s probably a time to enhance what you’re doing and make it relevant to the season, you don’t want to overhaul everything as your traffic is likely to be up – to use an old cliché, if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it.

Just build on your own knowledge, ensure you’re engaging with your audience and serving them with opportunities that resonate with their needs. It’s this that’s going to drive conversions and earn you more commission.

- See more at: http://performancein.com/news/2014/04/09/ten-egg-cellent-easter-tips-publishers/#sthash.TlDvkRbq.dpuf

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Join us at Affiliate Management Days, London

Innovation is at the heart of the performance marketing industry.  There are constant developments into new methods and processes to evaluate and analyse consumer behaviour, optimise towards market trends and develop or improve marketing techniques.  This constant development and change makes for a fast paced industry and it’s often hard to keep up!

For anyone in the affiliate world it’s vital to invest in learning and education, and it’s why the various trade shows and events held across the UK are so well regarded.  There is a wealth of experience and knowledge which can help advertisers, publishers, partners and networks alike.

A few of the Commission Junction team are speaking at the up and coming Affiliate Management Days conference in London.  It’s a great chance to meet peers and discuss developments within the industry.  Continue reading

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Celebrating the PMI Shortlist

This week the hotly contended Performance Marketing Award shortlists were announced, and CJ’s been celebrating with our eight nominations.

TUI, Argos and Homebase have all been nominated for two awards each in the best managed, best use of multi-channel marketing, the travel and leisure award and the retail award.

But what’s more, our very own Lauren Forbes has been nominated for the hotshot rising star award…and she needs your votes. If you value Miss Forbes as much as we do you can cast your vote here. Continue reading

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CJ goes to London Fashion Weekend

Commission Junction’s increased focus within the fashion sector made it more than necessary that CJ attended London Fashion Weekend accompanied by three key Fashion Publishers that work on our clients such as Gap, Laura Ashley and Boohoo.

On the first day of the Vodafone London Fashion Weeekend some of the more fashionable members of the CJ team, including Monika, Caroline and myself, played host to SheerLuxe, Shopcade and ShopStyle for a day of Fashion delights and goodies galore at the beautiful, Somerset House.

LFW Group Image

Left – Right: Caroline, Jessica, Alina, Cristina, Rachelle, Monika










Alina from Shopcade, Cristina from ShopStyle and Jessica from SheerLuxe joined CJ’s ladies and enjoyed all that LFW had to offer. First things first, the most important thing is the Goody Bag! A Julien Macdonald Black tote filled with delights such as a mini Essie nail varnish, Label M hairspray or blowout spray, Lavazza coffee, Beauty Bar and Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm.

TheOutnet.com Trend catwalk was an awe inspiring gala of metallic, flower patterns, sports luxe, lace textures and decadent jacquards. We sat front row, able to fully immerse ourselves in the styles for SS14, Spring/Summer we are ready for you!  The Catwalk provided insights into how we can best promote our Fashion Advertisers in line with the up and coming SS14 Fashion Trends.

Catwalk image

Catwalk image








The Vodafone free Maybelline red nail polish for Vodafone customers was readily accepted by myself and Monika with Christina bagging a free Vodafone Maybelline manicure! Not bad at all. Maybelline had a fun photo booth, and we all know how much CJ love a photo booth!

The Scavi & Ray Prosecco bar was a treat for all, we never say no to bubbles. We proceeded to sip and walk around, looking at all of the designers as they tempted us with discounts galore and previews of new season products.

CANON 360 Image

Canon 360 Experience – Carolina and Rachelle!








The Canon 360 experience was Caroline’s highlight of the day. A one second moment captured by a rim full of Canon Camera’s all set to catch every angle, amazing!

All in all a joyous day out with a few of our Fashion Publishers.


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CJ sponsors Performance Marketing Guide 2014

One of the great things about working in the performance industry is that it’s always changing, it makes for a dynamic environment but it can also be confusing to those who are new to the space.  Continue reading

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